Reviews of The Magic Tape Recorder

Congratulations on developing a story that helps children understand Alzheimer's Disease. I am so impressed with the manner in which "The Magic Tape Recorder" begins by engaging the youngster's imagination. Most of us as children have dreamed of the things we want to do when we grow up. The creative use of this technique is a great tool for helping youngsters understand what happens when their treasured loved one begins to lose their memory. Grandma Joyce thank you for writing a book that is sensitive, informative and truly a book for all ages. Read full review.
Orien Reid, M.S.W.
Chairman, Alzheimer's Disease International

Keeping contact with families is crucial for maintaining the quality of life for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. This excellent book helps children to understand dementias and other disabilities in a way they can understand. It also teaches them how to maintain ties with their relatives who might otherwise by avoided by them.
Ladislav Volicer, MD, PhD, FAAN, FGSA
Professor, University of South Florida

Congratulations on a delightful product of your summer in Prague. The ideas should have universal appeal and the delightful colorful illustrations should entice young curious readers. You're right - children want to be helpers, and everyone remembers loving ice cream. Congratulations, Grandma Joyce, from your grandma fan club friend. Best of luck!
Lisa P. Gwyther, MSW
Education Director, Bryan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center,
Duke University, Medical Center Durham, NC

Dear Grandma Joyce: I have just reread "The Magic Tape Recorder" for the third time. It is a beautiful tool, almost a song, for young children to learn how to be with a person living with memory difficulties. This intergenerational and relationship-based approach to Alzheimer's disease has done a great service to the movement for person-centered care. Inka's rich illustrations are the tasty topping on your very thoughtful text. Thank you for once again reminding us of the person that still lives and loves in spite of dementia, and how we can be with them.
Bill Keane
Founding National Board member of the Pioneer Network

The Magic Tape Recorder is a textbook for children about Alzheimer's disease and other diseases causing dementia. This is a textbook for children - not just another children's book. In that it differs from existing books for children that tell stories of people (especially grandparents) who suffer from dementia and familiarize children with this problem. The "Magic Tape Recorder" simply explains with examples how dementia develops, what the symptoms are (that is the main contribution) and how even a small child can help people suffering from dementia and how should they behave with them. The book is meant for children of preschool and early school ages and of course, also for their parents and teachers.
Iva Holmerova MD, PhD
President, Czech Alzheimer's Society

This book is a wonderful and unique tool that will certainly help unite the youngest and oldest in families. You explain in terms that young children can easily understand important lessons about the nature of getting old and reasons behind their grandparents' or great uncles' unusual behavior that can be difficult for even adults to comprehend. You artfully involve the children with their elders by showing them and their parents how they can help, something young children love to do. Thank you for providing this essential family resource.
Vito Caserta, M.D., M.P.H
Assistant Professor Pediatrics Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

As the principal of an elementary school I have the opportunity to work with many children and families, all too many of whom are going through personal crises in their lives. Quite often a grandparent or other elderly family member is afflicted with Alzeimer's disease. Grandma Joyce's wonderful book, The Magic Tape Recorder, is an excellent resource to use with families who are looking for ways in which to explain Alzheimer's disease to their children. It provides a simple, clear message that allows children to understand and still apreciate and love someone who has Alzheimer's. I strongly recommend this great resource!
Simon Faulkner
Principal Fallingbrook Public School, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

I had my young ten year old grandaughter, Demi, here with me being too unwell to go to school, and she read your book "The Magic Tape Recorder" I noticed that she read and re read it then curled up and went to sleep. When visiting the family household several weeks later the conversation was about Demi's mother's grandmother who is exhibiting memory loss. We were all in the conversation and Demi talked about your book. She told her mum and dad about the taperecorder in your head and said "Nana's isn't working too good just now". Then my own hearing came into the conversation and Demi said to me "I just have to speak up better don"t I?" We went on talking about your book and she had a cheeky grin when we mentioned cool things like walking sticks and wheelchairs. Although she denies it I suspect she had visions of racing me around in a wheelchair. I was agreeably surprised that she had retained the "facts" in your book over a long period and had been able to apply what she had read in talking with others.
Rona Okely
Maddington, Western Australia

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